Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do I look pregnant?!?!

Even though this is so utterly embarrasing, I'll still share the story anyway. You guys can all have a good laugh at my expense.

It is generally known that subway etiquette requires that people give up their seat on the subway or train if there is someone who is either elderly, pregnant, or holding a small child. So this morning, I was kindly offered a seat by a very maternal middle-age woman. To my horror, she was offering me the seat because, to her, I looked pregnant. Just to get this image for your head. I am wearing a white fitted t-shirt under a blue spaghetti-strap dress that ties and bells out at the waist. It's very cute, trust me. And paired with that, I'm wearing my sort of sporty off-white walking shoes. I say walking shoes because they're sort of flats, but not quite. But they're also not really tennis shoes, although I can run in them if I want to. ANYWAY, when she offered me her seat, I was a little confused, I'm neither old nor pregnant nor do I have a small baby attached to my side. So when I refused the seat, she actually says to me "You're pregnant aren't you? You should take a seat." To which I laughed, out loud, and politely corrected her. Then she got really embarrassed (not as embarrassed as I was!!) and admitted that she thought I was pregnant because I was wearing "tennis shoes" with a dress.

What a nice lady, she was so nice to offer me her seat and then save me face by blaming my shoes for her apparent mistake. Ironic, I thought I would lose weight with all of the walking I do here but apparently I just look pregnant!

Also, yesterday was the Lantern Festival (so Happy Lantern Festival Day?), which apparently is the 15th day of the first month after Chinese New Year, and also when the moon is at its fullest. This day was just like Chinese New Year, lots of fireworks! This will sound familiar if you've been following the news about how some CCTV staff set off some fireworks for the festival and then accidently burned down a 40 floor luxury hotel next door. Oops, at least they said they were sorry. But, to be serious, that was a tragic and deadly mistake. On a lighter note I just found a pretty video of a Lantern Festival in Taiwan from 2007 that I'd like to share.

And as always, here is a song! "Paranoid" by Kanye West. Sorry I can't find a video for this, and I didn't like the live performances I found either.


Tiffany Diane said...

Steph, Steph, Steph. You made your first mistake when you wore tennis shoes with a dress. Fashion faux pas if anything else. That woman didn't really think you were pregnant, she was just finding a creative way to insult you.


StephanieAnn said...

hahaha, her hair was crimped!