Thursday, January 29, 2009


I said I wouldn't post until I got back from this long vacation but since I do have access to the internet I thought I would make a small post anyway.

Basically during this long vacation, I've been hanging out at my grandparents in Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan. The weather here is a lot warmer than it is in Taipei, which has been nice. The only requirement of my presence here is that I eat every meal with my humongous family and not leave to go anywhere else. This has been fairly easy to accomplish but it has also made me feel really cooped up and sluggish lately. I'll be glad to go back to being a little bit more active once Chinese New Year is over with.

One fun thing I did get to do was set off fireworks. I had never set off fireworks until this week. I've usually lived in places where it was illegal, aka. not the country. So my cousins and I got some fireworks to set off in celebration of the new year and they were so much fun! We set off little tiny ones that buzzed like bees and then big ones that shot off five times by themselves. Eventually, apparently someone called the cops on us and they came to warn us to be more quiet. The cops didn't really care very much about us setting off fireworks since apparently its a very common thing during new years and they pretty much just overlook it in the spirit of celebration. They probably thought this person was a lame-o for calling them, which I agree wholeheartedly.

So anyway, that's my story about my first experience with fireworks and Taiwanese cops!