Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Purple Gang

So here is my office all dressed up for our purple party!

Wow, I know this is an odd thing to say but looking at this picture makes it all the more acutely obvious that I now live in an area where I am surround by Asians. Because I grew up in Texas and went to school in Oklahoma, it was rare to find myself surrounded with people that looked similar to me. And even though I'm constantly surrounded by Asians now, its not really something that I think about everyday. It is sort of refreshing but at the same time, I'm used to what I grew up with... which is to say that I am used to being "unique" or as "unique" as an Asian American is living in the U.S. Does that mean my friends who are Caucasians living in America feel somehow not unique at all? It's a curious thought that I'm not confronted with really until I'm here in Taiwan where I'm not "unique" at all.

This is the crazy hair style that my girl coworkers fixed me up with. Lovely isn't it?

Well, that is all for now friends. Until we meet next time!


Charles Cullen said...

Now that I'm here in Korea, being a caucasian means im in the extreme minority, and it is definately an interesting experiance being so "unique".

crapforbrains said...
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crapforbrains said...

Ok, so apparently you can't edit comments... lame. You guys are weird. ;) -Tyler