Monday, March 16, 2009


I like Spongebob, it's a really funny show that I think is great to watch when you don't need to work your brain.  That, and it actually does have some pretty witty jokes mixed in with ridiculous kid humor.  So because I bought a Spongebob planner and other... Spongebob-y incidents... I am now known around the office as the person who loves Spongebob.  

On my birthday, my coworkers set up a small surprise lunch party for me.  It was really sweet.  I had delicious chocolate cake and my presents were these cute sponges that were decorated to look like Spongebob.  Sure, I can't really do my dishes with them, but they're a really cute souvenior to take home with me.  


After work, a group of my work friends and I went to a Mexican restaurant called Tequila Sunrise, where I had pretty good chicken quesadillas, Mexican style not TexMex (my favorite).  We also ordered a pitcher of strawberry margarita where we had the option of a normal amount of tequila or extra tequila, at no extra cost!  Only in Taiwan...  Then when we asked what freebie I could get for being the birthday girl, I got a shot of tequila.  My first, it was predictably strong and gross in my opinion but not bad with the salt and lime.  Afterwards, we went to one of our friend's apartment to play Wii Mariokart.  It was difficult to get the game set up in the teeny apartment but it was really fun and interesting to see someone else's home in Taiwan, excluding my family.  

So that is the story of my first birthday out of the country!  I guess I can report that birthdays are pretty much celebrated the same way as they are in the US.  Unless there is some crazy Taiwanese birthday celebration method that I am not privy to, I'd say I had a pretty satisfying birthday.  Thank you to everyone who helped me bring in year 23!  


Tiffany Diane said...

rrrrr. Stephanie!
WWMS (What would Mommy say?)

JK, but she did lecture me about the dangers of alcoholism yesterday and told me to never drink. So, there's that.

Love you miss you,

PS - yes I will make you a banner, no big deal, I just need to find some sort of image I'd like to use. What kind of image are you thinking would befit your blog?

Mo said...

Oh I didn't know sponge bob came in so many guises. HB. Hope you have many more in different places

StephanieAnn said...

tiff- lol, thanks i'm not an alcoholic and i'm 23 anyway. also about the banner thing.. i'm not sure, i like the picture i've got now but don't know what i'll change it to once i move back to dallas.

mo- thanks! you'll notice that one spongebob has even given up his normal squarepants for a gold glittery disco number!