Thursday, February 5, 2009


I don't know if I've been lucky (that's sarcasm) or just have a big arrow pointing over my head that says "I'm a nice person, I'll help you out!" but I have been accosted by two obasans (Japanaese/Taiwanese word for "old lady") in these past two days in the subway station. Now, I say obasan just means old lady, but really I feel that it means, middle-aged/old, crazy, entitled lady. Usually they are the kind of old lady that comes up to strangers and reprimands them like they're your mother or they're the crazy ones that charge onto the subway cart only to shove you out of the way just to get a seat (I was going to stand anyway, thanks). While I enjoy a little crazy, once in a while, I don't appreciate it when they make me miss my train. Twice. In a row.

Both times, they asked me obvious questions about where to go, when we were both looking at the same signs, telling them exactly where to go. I think that is part of their craziness, their inability to read a sign that is obviously written in their mother tongue. Also, they feel entitled to stop you, even though you're already running late for work and are practically powerwalking through the station, and grab you on the arm to ask inane questions regarding the perfectly navigable subway station. Well, thats my rant for the day.

This may be my last song from "Twighlight" that I post. But I enjoy posting songs, so I may do more in the future, not necessarily from a movie. "Eyes On Fire" by Blue Foundation.

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